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Part 2-1

 How to grow a lemon,

                             Part 2

While a beginner inspect the

                    cultivation method.

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■ Index

1、Fascinate to grow a lemon

①  Fascinate to grow a lemon in a house.

② I went to Shimanami Kaido!

2、The history of the lemon

・The first lemon

・A lemon came over to Japan.

3、About how to grow a lemon.

①  On the cultivation of the lemon.

・Area suitable for the cultivation of the lemon

・The tree bears fruit with one

・Time is necessary before it bears a fruit for the first time

② How to buy young plants, various kinds

・A stick seedling and large seedling

・When should we buy a seedling?

・How to choose good young plants

③ Soil, manure (effective microorganisms)

④ Watering

⑤ Do you plant a lemon in the garden? Or,is it a potted plant?

⑥ How to plant a lemon in the garden

⑦ How to set a lemon into a bowl

⑧ How to transplant a lemon into a bowl

⑨ Care for flower, bud (I work on pollination)

⑩ Cutting of the lemon

⑪ Grafted tree of the lemon

⑫ The pruning of the lemon

⑬ Cold measures

⑭ Lemon cultivation and insects

⑮ How to grow a lemon in the porch

5、Pest of the lemon

① Coccoidea

② Larva of the swallowtail butterfly

③ Citrus leafminer

④ Bell moth

⑤ Aphid

⑥ Spider Mite

⑦ Longhorn beetle

⑧ Thrips

6、Disease of the lemon

① Melanose

② Xanthomonas campestris pv. citri

③ Elsinoë fawcettii

④ Gray mold

⑤ Cercospora leaf mold

7、Diagnosis due to the symptom

① A leaf is yellow

② The spots of the leaf is yellow

③ A flower falls (a flower does not bloom)

④ A fruit falls

8、Work according to the month

9、Eating a lemon

10、Recipe using the lemon

3、About how to grow a lemon

③ Soil, manure

    (effective microorganisms)

👉 How much is the quantity of


☝In the case of a smartphone, a screen

spreads with touch.

When we grow lemons,

① how much

② when must we give the manure?

I checked it in various ways, but there

was not the same information. Quantity

of fertilization. Time. The number of

times to give in the year.

It was different each. But I desc
ribe it

as there was a point becoming similar


a.Lemon cultivation requires a lot

  of manure.

Generally, it is said that the citrus

fruits consume fertilizer in comparison

with other fruit trees. In particular, a

lemon is a fruit tree consuming

fertilizer in that citrus fruits.

The lemon has much quantity of

outbreak of the branch.

In addition, it flowers many times in a

year,and this is because it needs much

nourishment. A root goes bad even if we

give a lot of manure at a time and flows

out before manure is absorbed.

Therefore it is common I divide it into

several times a year, and to give manure

while grow a lemon.

b.I surround organic quality compound

      fertilizer in about February

      (initial fertilization).

     In addition, I sprinkle mineral

    matter compound fertilizer in another

     month   (additional fertilizing).

Organic quality compound fertilizer

; Seedcake, chicken droppings,

      fish meal, compost, cow dung.

① Improvement of the soil is effective.

 (soil softens, and water retentivity


② Slow-release.

③ Microbes increase.

④ There are few manure ingredients.

⑤ The smell is special, and an insect


      may be boiled.

Mineral matter compound fertilizer

; Compound fertilizer, urea.

① We fertilize three major nutrients

     (nitrogen, phosphoric acid,

      potassium) efficiently.

② There are slow-release and immediate

      effect and can choose it.

③ It tends to be cheaper than organic

      quality manure.

④ Only with mineral matter, soil

      environment worsens.

      (The soil will lose weight)

⑤ It may cause manure desperation.


⑥ There is not the smell, and there is

    not the worry to breed in an insect.

Most of organic quality manure are

slow-release and few manure ingredients.

The lemon needs a lot of manure. When

quick effect characteristics are demanded

like after-season fertilizing, experience

and an effort seem to be necessary to

cultivate a lemon only in organic quality


So there seem to be many descriptions

that "sprinkle organic quality compound

fertilizer on the initial fertilization,

and sprinkle mineral matter compound

fertilizer on the additional fertilizing"

to make use of both good points.

c.It is the almost same

      when I see it by an annual unit.

There seem to be various descriptions as

mentioned above when we consider quantity

of fertilization and the fertilization

mber of times each. But, when we judge

the quantity of fertilization X number

of times」from an annual unit, the gross

weight of the manure to give is almost


I think that you may change the number of

times to fertilize from a point of view

that "The lemon is easy to absorb manure

if you distribute the number of times to


d.Method to sprinkle manure

A garden Plant

We sprinkle manure on the surface of the

land uniformly in a range (Trunk Diameter)

where the branches and leaves grow.

The manure is good just to sprinkle it on

the surface of the land. But, absorption

of the manure improves when we mix it

with soil lightly.

A potted plant

I sprinkle manure on the surface of the

potting compost uniformly. It is not

necessary to mix it with soil.

👉 Please careful about manure

       desperation !

As much as we give a manure, it is not

good. The density of fertility in the

soil rises when I fertilize it too much,

and the water of the root is robbed of

it under the influence of osmotic


It can be expected, "a lemon withers up

even if I put up a lot of water".

When a ratio of compound fertilizer uses

expensive fertilizer, attention is


It washes away fertility in the soil

if we cause manure desperation.

In the case of a potted plant, we do

water about 5 times as normal,

and water flows out of the bowl

bottom for a while.

You seem to perform this work every day

for about five days.

👉 The measurement and adjustment

       of the acidity in the soil

The root of the citrus fruit likes weak

acidity around ph 5.5-6.0 in the soil.

The growth of the tree worsens so that

the acidity of the soil is separated from

ph5 .5-6.0. Using acidity measurement

liquid, a value of the acidity should be

coordinated when values are different

more than 1.0 from ph5 .5-6.0 back

and forth.

We use lime for a case to raise soil ph

(can get closer to the neutrality).

The magnesia lime includes magnesium

and seems to be recommended as action

is slow.

300g of magnesia lime is necessary to put

up 1.0 soil ph in one square meter of

land. We use sublimed sulfur for a case

to lower soil ph (can get closer

to the acidity).

200g of sublimed sulfur is necessary to

lower 1.0 soil ph in one square meter of


I measured the acidity of the soil, too.

I could easily measure when I used the

acidity measurement l

Please refer 「I measured ph!」.

レモンの育て方 栽培方法

👉 I try to sprinkle effective


I read an article to "cultivate the lemon

without using the pesticide".

① The probability to be damaged of a

disease and the insect rises when we

give a lot of manure.

② The tree of lemon meets the life

immediately when we reduce manure

and we cultivate it while suppressing

the pruning. (it becomes weak)

③ So we make met environment with


"We make met environment with probiotic".

In other words, we sprinkle effective

microorganisms and a fermentation microbe

(lactic acid bacterium, yeast,

photosynthetic bacteria) and make the

soil better (the probiotic is higher than

the viuses and bacteria which are a

microbe letting a thing oxidize).

Then we can enable the organic farming

that we can revivify power of the

original soil and is hard to match pest


(We interfere with being deceived by a

disease and an insect even if we give an

organic fertilizer)

It is like such a thing when I gather

it up.

<What is an effective microorganisms?>

The word "EM" took an initial of

"Effective Microorganism" (useful microbe

group), and EM is cultured by so many

kinds of useful microbes.

{* But "EM" is a coined word (trademark)

by Professor Hika who is a advocate of

EM, and is a central researcher.

So,"EM" is not a technical term in the

general microbiology.}

We can measure the acidity (ph) in the

soil, but it is difficult to measure the

state of bacteria.

It is difficult to confirm that to

maintain the state (good balance) of

the bacteria become a direct cause to

prevent a disease and a pest.

On the other hand, it seems to be caused

by the environment (including the state

of the soil) that a pest comes, and

branches and leaves get sick.

I think that it is very good to sprinkle

good bacteria because I do not spread

bad bacteria.

I make EM manure and EM wash and sprinkle


I think that the result has just begun,

but want to make the state an article.

「I bought effective microorganisms (1)and molasses!」

「I made EM manure!」

「I made EM wash!」

There are others, the related story, too.

Effective Microorganism

レモンの育て方 栽培方法

「I tried fe
rtilizer in November!」

「I surround organic quality compound fertilizer in about February (initial fertilization).」

④ Watering

The lemon is not so weak against drying.

In the case of a garden plant, there is

little need to do watering other than hot

summer. However, watering is important

work to control growth. Therefore you

will understand a precaution.

<In the case of a gargen plant>

We are careful not to become the shortage

of water for from July to September that

are the high temperature period. A tree

take the damage when it becomes the

shortage of water, and fruit does not

grow big. Let's give water well by once

for each morning and evening.

<In the case of a potted plant>

Because the range that the root grows is

limited, periodical watering is

necessary. When we put a bowl under

the eaves to suppress the outbreak of

illness, the soil of the bowl is careful

not to dry in particular. If "the surface

of the potting compost dries, the basics

of the timing to water".

In spring once in 2-3 days. In the summer

1 to 2 times a day. In autumn once in 1-3

days. In winter once in 3-7 days. This

interval provide an indication of


When we make a little dry some potting

compost until winter, cold resistance

becomes strong. On the other hand,

we water too much and are careful about

decayed root being caused. "If the

surface of the potting compost dries,

we water".

Outbreak of illness is controlled when we

water in potting compost so that water

does not hang over the branches and

leaves. In addition, there seems to be

the way called "leaf water-spray" with

direct water over a leaf exceptionally,


This is because it lowers side

temperature of the leaves on a hot day,

and it washes away a dirt and a pest.

Let's perform it on a fine day and on a

day to dry immediately.

⑤ Do you plant a lemon in the garden? 

      Or,is it a potted plant?

A gargen plant


・There are many harvests.

 (a tree grows big)

・Transplantation is unnecessary.

・There is little number of times of

 the watering.

 Except summer of the intense heat,

 the watering is approximately


 And so on.


・The number of years to harvesttime

 is long.

(After outdoor planting,

 is it difficult for three years?)

・It is difficult to prevent cold.

 When the lemon is less than -3 degrees

 Celsius, it may wither and die.

Therefore we choose the cultivation


・Because it is easy to become the big

 tree, the pruning every year is

 indispensable. And so on.

The first reason that purchased the tree

of lemon for a garden plant is because Ipan>

wanted to harvest a lot of fruit of the


However, I became slightly afraid that I

was in trouble if a lemon became so big

and thick when I went to Shimanami Kaido

and looked at the trunk of the lemon in

the lemon field. From this year, I will

prune the tree on lemon properly. It is

difficult to prevent a trunk from

becoming thick, but I'll try to prevent a

tree from growing big.

A potted plant


・Years until the first fruition are


・We can grow the fruit tree which is

 vulnerable to cold.

 We can easily move the seedling of the

 lemon to the room only in winter.

(We do not choose an area and the


・It is easy to bear a fruit.

・We can grow compactly.

・No worries about a disease and pest

 if we grow lemons in the room.


・There are few harvests.

・Transplantation is necessary.

 (We transplant it in 2-3 years)

・Watering is necessary frequently.

 And so on.

*「It is easy to bear a fruit by a potted plant」

When the branches and leaves grow too

much popular, most of the nourishment

are used by growth of the branches and

leaves. As a result, the flowers and

fruits cannot take the nourishment, and

it is the tendency that the flowers

and fruits do not grow. We can say this

trend about overall tree not only a


The growth of the branches and leaves

links a root. In the case of a garden

plant,the land where a root grows is

large, so the growth of the branches

and leaves is easy to become popular.

As a result, the fruit becomes the

tendency that is hard to grow.

On the other hand,in the case of a potted

plant,the growth of the root is limited,

so the growth of the branches and leaves

is limited, too. As a result, it becomes

the tendency that fruit is easy to


When we plant a stick seedling, it is

necessary before the first fruition for

4 through 6 years in the case of a garden

plant, but becomes short for 3 through 5

years in the case of a potted plant.

In other words, the tree gives priority

to grow oneself (now) than to leave the

next generation (in the future).

If a root cannot grow, a root stop

growing oneself and try to begin to leave

the next generation. I think "I use of

this thought and want to find a method to

preferentially grow fruits in the case of

a garden plant,too".

⑥ How to plant a lemon in the


👉 Proper time for plantation

Proper time to plant the young plant of

the lemon is from the end of February to

the end of March in Japan. It is good for

the plantation of the seedling becase the

growth of the root is slow and there is

little worry that a seedling is damaged

by cold. In the case of the area where

cold is severe, You may plant it before

it starts sprouting in about April.

👉 Place to plant a seedling

When we plant a seedling in a sunny place

and in the place that drainage has good,

fruits grow well and come to have good

quality. The place where a strong wind is

easy to blow and chills are easy to

collect will be hard to grow.

👉 Plantation

We dig the hole nearly 70cm - 100cm in

diameter and 50cm - 75cm in depth. We

dig up soil of area more than the size

of the young plant. It is intended to

plow the soil for the purpose of a root

growing in the future. After having dug

the hole, we coordinate it with the

measurement of the acidity and put

organic matter (humus or compost).

This organic matter is intended to make

soil soft and fluffy, and to make

drainage better as manure more. If it is

a hole of 100cm in diameter and 75cm in

depth, the humus mixes 48 - 60ℓ.

When we plant a young plant, it prevents

a grafted tree part from being covered in

the soil and, also, when we put soil, we

are careful not to be hard very much by

stepping on our feet. In the case of a

stick seedling, a rich branch will grow

in the future when we cut it at a height

of 40cm from a grafted tree part.

And we fix a tree trunk with props for a

while. We do not have to worry that a

tree breaks by strong winds.

And then we water well and add soil

if soil is dented.

レモンの育て方 栽培方法

I still support it with a prop.! 

Even if a typhoon comes,

it becomes the reliable materials.

👉 How to fix forms of the tree

As many branches grow in May, we leave

three branches which is rich and growing

in a good direction, and other branch

cuts it off.( we cultivate it so that

three firm branches grow near the


In the second-year March, about 1/3

length cuts off all branches.

And when a lot of branches are divided,

we cut it off to become by 2-3 in one


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