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Yuzu, or flower Yuzu? There were kinds in Yuzu! What kind of Yuzu is my yuzu?

Yuzu, or flower Yuzu?

 There were kinds in Yuzu!

     What kind of Yuzu is my yuzu?

Yuzu fruit has turned yellow in color.

The lemon color still has a little green,

but it became a color of Yuzu that can be said as "perfect yellow".

So, yesterday,

I picked up the smallest fruit and put it in a shochu split.

Very good fragrance and juice that seems to be really tasty.

It is completely different from "Pokka lemon" always put in! 

"This is delicious! I want to drink many cups!"

(Pokka lemon is also delicious ^^;)


The doubts gnawed at me.

Do I really know the taste?

Until now, Yuzu was a fruit somehow planted in the garden.

However, Yuzu has been subject to blog since May this year. 

About half a year, I have watched the yuzu day after day observing and growing up.

If the leaves turn yellow, I am worried, so I did fertilizer.

If flowers bloom, I was delighted,

and I was delighted if fruits were attached.

There is no doubt that an enormous attachment has been born.

That's why I felt delicious?

Or was it really delicious as the fruits were fully ripening while becoming trees?

My second son was impressed.

「This shochu is very delicious! !」


He is a senior in high school.

He is a preparatory student.

Parents are bad・・・

This is between us, okay?


He usually does not drink at all.

Shochu・・・ ^^;

It seems that it is not tasty.

Why are you going to drink like this?  As much as asking.

However, the shochu containing Yuzu harvested at our home seems to be very delicious.

Is there anything more than my attachment I feel?

With that thought, I thought about looking for another Yuzu and trying to compare the difference in taste.

I do not know where Yuzu is sold.

Even on Saturday, let's go looking.

Thinking about that,

when searching on the net,

I was concerned about the size of the fruit.

The size of Yuzu is about oranges.

The size of flower Yuzu is about ping-pong ball.

My Yuzu is the biggest one, but its width is about 5.2 cm.

Ping-pong ball · · ·

eh?  My Yuzu is not Yuzu???

November 3rd. Yuzu photographed during the day.

It is Yuzu which took a picture right now.

Embarrassingly, I learned the existence of flower Yuzu for the first time.

If Yuzu was placed in front of me,

I could only recognize the difference in degree,

whether it was a big Yuzu or a small Yuzu.

I thought that Yuzu, = Yuzu.

It was sad.

I instinctively told my wife.

Apparently, my Yuzu seems to be a flower Yuzu ...

What is it?

I always thought that it was Yuzu and raised it ...

My wife murmured.

「Which Yuzu is it OK・・・」

「Because it was delicious・・・」



Which Yuzu is it OK。。。

Well, maybe so・・・

But, I kind of think like this.

Though I thought that it was "Dorcus hopei binodulosus(Ookuwagata)" and grow larvae, in fact, it would be like Dorcus rectus(Kokuwagata) "...

Something little loneliness will come in ...

There was nothing I could do if it was about two months ago.

However, by a remote possibility, now ...

"Is this Yuzu or Flower Yuzu?"

I thought it might be taught so I took up it in today's article.

I feel a bit scary...

After all, it seems like either way ...

Let's go to the supermarket this weekend.

I would like to compare Yuzu's fruit juice by buying Yuzu.

👉  A future story・・・

I was able to tell which Yuzu is my Yuzu.

A comment from that person (a friend of the blog) is here.

「You came out smelling of roses. For shochu, flower Yuzu may fit exactly. Flower Yuzu has more fruit juice than Yuzu and smells soft. Because there are times when a soft scent is better than a scent that is too strong. Yuzu may be better to use Yuzu's peel to add a smell of cooking.

Oh, I get it.

If I think on the premise of eating directly,

flower Yuzu is more juice,

taste is "slightly",

just that it is good!

Later, I asked my friend to eat my flower Yuzu to confirm the taste of flower Yuzu.

It was a response that compatibility with shochu was preeminent.

When he put it in sake, it was very delicious.

I have not tried it yet...

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「How to grow a lemon. While a beginner inspect the cultivation method.」

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