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Should I grow lemon in the garden? Or is it better to grow in bowls?

Should we grow lemon in the garden?

        Or is it better to grow in bowls?

Know the characteristics of each

   and try changing the way to deal with it.

When deciding to grow lemon trees

( Alternatively, other fruit trees are okay ),

have you ever wondered

whether to grow in the garden or to grow in bowls?

I bought lemon seedlings.

July 16, 2017 (Sun)

As planned, lemon seedlings will arrive today.

Reason for purchase.

It is confirmed that this year's lemon harvest will be 0,

as the fruit of the garden plant lemon has all fallen.

I absolutely wanted to harvest lemon this year,

so I bought a lemon seedling with fruits.

And there is another reason.

I bought it for potted plants.

It is to accumulate experience of both gardening and potting!

I would like to confirm the difference.

A gargen plant


・Higher yields.(The tree grows bigger)

・No need for replanting.

・The number of watering is low.

 Except for the hot summer, watering is almost unnecessary. etc


・The number of years until harvest is ready is long.

 (Is it difficult for three years after planting?)

・It is difficult to respond to the cold.

 If it falls below -3 ℃, it may die, so select the cultivated area.

・Because it tends to be a big tree, pruning every year is indispensable. etc

My lemon trees is a garden plant!

The best reason is "I wanted to harvest a lot!"

However, when I went to Shimanami Kaido

and saw the lemon trunk in the lemon field,

I was a little worried that "If it got so big and thick like this ...".

<Shimanami Kaido Lemon Field>

I think that there is no way to prevent the trunk from becoming thick.

However, I will prune from this year

and I think I will prevent the tree from growing big.

As mentioned above, according to Dimellit,

this year's harvest may be difficult in the first place.

Lemon of my home came in 2015.

It is still two years since we planted it in the garden.

I will try various things from now on

so that it can be harvested exactly next year.

I intend to take measures against cold this year.

I did not do anything special last year.

Since trees are getting quite large,

I am wondering how to take measures.

On the ground, mulch with straw etc.

Or do I put a stick on all sides and try to surround with a transparent sheet?

I think it is fine when there is no wind.

However, if a strong wind blows ...

Can I build a strong enclosure?

<In May 2018, I added the current photo.>

Potted plant


・The number of years to first fruition is short.

・It is also possible to grow fruit trees that are vulnerable to cold.

 Easy to move indoors only in winter.

 (We do not choose area and place

・Fruits are easy to attach.

・Grows compact.

・There is less concer
n about diseases and pests if grown indoors. etc


・There is little harvest.

・Need to be replanted.(Replanting in 2-3 years)

・Watering is often necessary. etc

Sometimes we use a large bowl of more than 20 liters, it is difficult to move.

Maybe a plastic bowl is good? (Because it is light)

I would like to grow the seedlings I bought this time in bowls.

The reason is that I wanted to have experience in both ways.

( Ground planting and potted planting)

Also, I am glad that potted plants can be expected to be harvested early.

I was interested in reading an article in which

a lemon farmer is growing hundreds of potted pots of lemon in house cultivation.

And of course ・・・

Because we will definitely harvest

the fruit this year! !


*「Potted plants are well-fruited」

It is a trend of trees in general as well as lemon.

If the cultivation of branches and leaves becomes too active,

the majority of the nutrient is consumed for the cultivation of branches and leaves,

and it does not turn to flowers and fruits,

and it tends to deteriorate flowering and bearing.

The growth of roots and branches and leaves are linked,

and since planting with a large space for growing roots

is likely to lead to the growth of branches and leaves,

the fruiting tends to be worse.

On the other hand,

in potted plants where root growth is limited,

the growth of branches and leaves is also limited,

and it tends to be well-harvested.

The number of years until the first fruiting

is about 4 to 6 years for garden planting,

but about 3 to 5 years for potted plants.

It seems that potted plants will bear fruit earlier.

In other words,

rather than leaving the next generation (future),

priority is given to raising oneself (now).

When the roots can not grow,

Lemon starts to leave the next generation

rather than raising itself.

Do you mean ...

Can you not find a way to give priority to producing fruits,

even in the case of garden seedlings,

using this idea?


Potted lemon purchased in 2017.

I will describe the situation after that.

The article at the time of purchase is here.here

At the time of purchase, the seedling had four fruits.

Then, the state when it is replanted in a 20 liter pot is here.here

The culture soil was in the pot for over 30 liters.

We raised it and harvested four fruits in 2017.

How many fruits can I harvest this year?

The state of May 12, 2018 is here.here

A lot of flowers bloomed and became a fruit.

I could not grow all the fruits,

so I picked up about 30 at this point and watched it.

After that,

I was careful to be one fruit in one branch,

and left a fruit that seemed to be healthy.

Currently, 11 fruits remain.

Size of lemon seedlings purchased in 2017.

About 60 cm in height from the top of the pot soil.

Size of lemon seedlings in 2018.

About 70 cm in height from the top of the pot soil.

Although they are growing a little,

it is possible to think that they are almost the same.


should we have four to five fruits this year too?

How many fruits can I harvest?

How big can I grow?


If I leave it as it is, when will the fruit fall?

Let's leave it as it is and test it.

I thought so, but I could not do so . 

👉 Disadvantages of not picking fruits

① The fruit is small and the juice is little.

② The trees become weak and the yield of the following year decreases.

  It also causes biennial bearing .

However, in consideration of the above disadvantages,

I decided to pick fruits a little more.



How much?

Should I pick fruits?

👉 The appropriate period is August

The sooner you thinning out the fruit,

the less the trees lose their nutrition.

However, since there is a possibility that the fruit will fall until July,

it seems better to start picking from the beginning of August when the fruit will not fall,

and finish it in the month.

👉 One fruit per 20-30 leaves

As for the appropriate amount, it seems that this is a standard.

However, even potted lemons are hard to count the number of leaves.

In addition, it seems that even a few leaves may lead to the harvest of fruits,

so we would like to use this standard as a guide,

and we would like to thinning out the fruits so that the fruits are large and beautiful.

If it says with the lemon which is planted with my 20 liter pot,

will it be about 5 to 10 fruit number?

In that sense, I thinning out a lot of fruits,

and leaving one or two in one branch.

It was judged by the size and color of the fruit.

Currently 11 pieces.

I will grow it until August in this state.

I look at the condition of the tree in August,

and I would like to thinning out the fruits.

One fruit per branch.

However, there are branches that still have two fruits.

There are two branches that leave two fruits.

I pray that the seedlings grow well!

By the way,

although the potted lemon is grown well,

the garden planted lemon is in poor condition.

Last year,

I could not harvest fruit from the lemon planted in the garden.

The fruit just before it fell last year is here.


here is the last one fruit left now.

Are lemon fruits grown to the same size as they dropped last year?

It does not look inferior to the current potted lemon fruits.

I hope I can reach the harvest even with only one! 

By the way,

I took measures this year to prevent the garden planting lemon from falling off.

① I cut off the tip of the branch so that the tree would not grow any more.

② I cut off the branch that seems to be crowded in the future.

③ Dig up the soil. (I send oxygen to the root)

④ Organize the surrounding trees. (Improved ventilation)

⑤ Fertilization of chemical fertilizers.

The article at that time is here

It doesn't go very well.


October 28, 2018 (Sun)

This is the article when I first harvested lemon.

It is a lemon fruit made of a sapling planted by myself.

In 2015, I bought seedlings of lemon and planted them, 3 years of hardship.

The flowers are scattered soon.

The leaves turn yellow and scatter.

The fruits do not grow and fall.

Is it really time to harvest lemon fruits someday?

Even if that day will come someday ...

When can we harvest? I felt I needed a fairly long time.

It was days I spent with such anxiety.

(As a result, I harvested lemon in 3 years... 

「Oh, it was no good again this year.」

As I thought so, the fruits fell again this year.

There are many imperfect flowers and fruits do not grow easily.

Under such circumstances, only one fruit remained.

I was worried about when the fruits would fall,

but one of the fruits did not fall,

and I was finally able to reach this day.

I tried to keep the growth record of lemon every month from August, 2017.

What kind of treatment did I deal with when lemon became bad?

An article I wrote down a little ishere」.

Then, in July 2017, I bought a new potted lemon seedling.

The seedling had four fruits.

The article at that time ishere.

That year, I successfully harvested four fruits.

But the fruits are the fruits grown by professionals.

The following year, I do not know if lemon fruit will grow as well.

It is possible that the tree is tired and there will be no fruit in the next year.

This year, eight fruits were left in the potted lemon and the others were picked.

Article when we examined to thinning out the fruit ishere」.

As a result, all eight of them grew up well.

My bowl is a 20 l bowl.

If it is expected that next year's fruit will be produced in the same way, 

it can be said that eight fruits in a 20-liter bowl are fine.

(If I was forced to produce fruit in lemon seedlings, it would not produce as in this year),

Of the eight fruits, I left one without cutting it.

It is the lemon that was getting the most yellow.

Compared to green lemons,

yellow lemons taste a bit smoother, but more juicy.

In order to taste the yellow lemon, I left one fruit.

How much fruit was ...

Keep a record of size and weight.

Garden planting lemon was the largest.

Vertical 9.0㎝、 width 8.4㎝、 weight 200g

Smallest fruit among 7 potted lemons

Vertical 6.5㎝、 width 6.0㎝、 weight 120g

Largest fruit among 7 potted lemons

Vertical 8.8㎝、 width 7.3㎝、 weight 182g

*Because it was difficult to measure the length, it is not accurate.

Both color and gloss seem to be in good condition.

As a lemon, it looks too round.

My potted lemon is a Ground lemon (a combination of orange and lemon). I thought last year that it was round because it was a Ground lemon. However, my garden plant lemon is a Lisbon lemon, and Lisbon lemons should not be round.

I cut it in half.

The upper side is Lisbon lemon (garden planted lemon),

The lower side is the ground lemon (potted lemon).

Ground lemon is thin and soft.

I felt that I was peeling orange peel instead of lemon.


the garden-planted lemon and the potted lemon are both so round

and the fruits are also of a great size! !

It was a satisfying fruit. 

From next year onwards,

I would like to encourage further improvement in quality.

ゆるキャラ凸 デコメ

So what will I do with these lemons?

Of course, I make lemon mix juice! !

Let's collect the ingredients!


I bought an apple.

I bought a scratched apple because it was for juice.

However, it was a delicious-looking apple with a great smell! !

And then···

It is a "cat cup" cookie!

Don't miss it.

The ingredients are ready.

The green one at the top of the photo is the peeled skin.

Naturally, no pesticides. Also, the nutritional value is high.

It would be a waste to throw it away.

Finally, grate the skin.

By the way,

the ingredients shown in this photo are two lemons and four apples.

The eldest son said,

"It's a little sweet. If you taste more lemon ...".

My grandfather and my wife said, "It's delicious!"

I have one vote for the eldest son.

Next time, I will try to make two apples and three apples. 

The eldest son came down

when it was time to prepare the ingredients and put it on the juicer.

It's like a break!

「Please put some ingredients in the slow juicer!」

With that, it became possible to shoot videos. ^^

If you have time for about 3 and a half minutes,

please take a look.

Well, I made a juice.

After that, mix honey to make it a little darker.

And finally it is the finish.

It is a turn of "cat cup"!

It is made to be caught at the point of the mouth.

It is very cute.


I smashed the lemon peel with a slow juicer.

I thought that there was considerable bitterness ...

It has a little bitter taste, but it seems to be delicious enough.

Let's mix it with juice little by little and drink it! !

And then···

Pack the remaining skin and seeds into the net and take a bath or use as a detergent instead.

( ^ω^)・・・

Lemon fruit, I picked itーーー!

Next year,

I pray for more harvest! !

Lemon fruit, I picked itーーー!


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