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How to grow a lemon. While a beginner inspect the cultivation method.

 How to grow a lemon.

While a beginner inspect

             the cultivation method.

~ Introduction ~

Lemon flowers will fall.

The attached fruits will fall.

Leaves turn yellow and fall.

Do I have to plow the soil?

How about tailoring a lemon tree?

How do I prune a lemon tree?

How good is fertilizer?

How can I protect it from pests and diseases?

Various problems

and various doubts.

I actually tried it myself


tried to see what happened.

In what condition now,

What did you do,

What was the outcome?

I would like to continue verification

until a satisfactory result is obtained.

Please push the blue sentence in Index

and read the airtcle.

■ Index

1、Fascinate to grow a lemon

①  Fascinate to grow a lemon in a house.

② I went to Shimanami Kaido!

2、The history of the lemon

🔎 The first lemon

🔎 A lemon came over to Japan.

3、About how to grow a lemon.

①  On the cultivation of the lemon.

👉 Area suitable for the cultivation

   of the lemon

👉 The tree bears fruit with one

👉 Time is necessary before it bears a

   fruit for the first time

② How to buy young plants, various kinds

👉 A stick seedling and large seedling

👉 When should we buy a seedling?

👉 How to choose good young plants

・「Nursery tree of lemon The various kinds」

③ Soil, manure (effective microorganisms)

👉 How much is the quantity of


a. requires a lot of manure

b. organic quality compound fertilizer

in about February

c. almost same quantity

d. method to sprinkle manure

👉 Careful about manure desperation

👉 The measurement of the acidity

👉 Effective microorganisms

The article,

・ 「I bought effective microorganisms (1)and molasses!」

・ 「I made EM manure!」

・ 「I made EM wash!」

・ 「I tried fertilizer in November!」

・ 「I surround organic quality compound fertilizer in about February

(initial fertilization).」

④ Watering

⑤ Do you plant a lemon in the garden?

  Or,is it a potted plant?

・ Easy to bear a fruit by a potted plant

⑥ How to plant a lemon in the garden

👉 Proper time for plantation

👉 Place to plant a seedling

👉 Plantation

👉 How to fix forms of the tree

⑦ How to plant a lemon in pots

👉 Proper time for plantation

👉 A large seedling is suitable for a potted plant

👉 Various bowls

👉 Soil to use

👉 Plantation methods

⑧ How to transplant a lemon into a bowl

👉 Article of the transplantation that I tried.

⑨ Care for flower and bud

  (I work on pollination)

👉 About pollination

👉 Care for flower and bud

・Physiological fruit drop (June drop)

・Biennial bearing

・Incomplete flowers bloom

・The article「Finally blooming flowers!」

・The article「I tried picking fruits of lemon of potted plants.」

⑩ Cutting of the lemon

・The article 「I tried cutting with lemon!」

・The article 「Cutting of lemon 54 days later... 」

⑪ Grafted tree of the lemon

👉 "Karatachi" often used as a rootstock of lemon

・ The article 「Grafting of lemon. I will try a multi-kind joint with one lemon tree!」

・ The article 「I tried grafting on a lemon tree. Challenge for many kinds of joints!」

⑫ The pruning of the lemon

👉 Purpose of pruning

👉 Pruning lemon Suitable period · · · February - March

a. Reduce the spread of trees

b. Cut out unnecessary branches

c. Cut the tip of a long branch

👉 Characteristics of spring branch, summer branch, autumn branch

and Pruning in summer

👉 After pruning, apply a fusion accelerator

・The article「I tried pruning!」

・The article which is summarizing pruning articles and updating

「To improve the fruit of next year!」

⑬ Cold measures

👉 Measures against cold of lemon in the garden

👉 Measures against cold of potted lemon

・The article 「the measures against cold!」

⑭ Lemon cultivation and insects

・ Ladybug

・ Mantis

・ larvaes of green lacewing

・ Hover fly(Adults and larvae)

・ Spider

・ Tree frog

・ Pillbug

・ Earwigs

、Pest of the lemon

① Coccoidea

② Larva of the swallowtail butterfly

③ Citrus leafminer (Ekakimushi)

④ Bell moth

⑤ Aphid

⑥ Spider Mite

⑦ Longhorn beetle

⑧ Thrips

、Disease of the lemon

① Melanose

② Xanthomonas campestris pv. citri

③ Elsinoë fawcettii

④ Gray mold

⑤ Cercospora leaf mold

👉 Painted Polymita eats it

、Diagnosis due to the symptom

① A leaf is yellow

👉 Leaf photos by type of disease

② The spots of the leaf is yellow

👉 Five elements of fertilizer

a. Nitrogen

b. Phosphoric acid

c. Potassium

d. Calcium (lime)

e. Magnesium

👉 About immediate / slow release chemical fertilizer.

👉 Lemon leaves turned yellow, so I applied dolomitic lime.

③ Flowers falls

  (flowers do not bloom)

④ The fruit drops

👉 Saplings are too young.

👉 There is a problem with daily management.

👉 Nutrition was used too much to grow the branches.

👉 Lemon could not pollinate.

👉  A biennial bearing.

👉 I pruned too much.

Monthly work, monthly record

I grow a lemon from now on.

I want to update this blog each time.

I am so glad if you read my article

when you have some problems to grow.

Thank you very much

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