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Part 1

 How to grow a lemon, Part 1

While a beginner inspect the cultivation method.

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~ Introduction ~

I have begun to write a blog of

how to grow a lemon.

Its number of articles is "56" a little.

I couldn't find an article.

Where, did I write that article?

If there is not "a summary",

each article terminates in each article.

From such thought,

I compile each article

as "a book of one how to grow a lemon".

I think that it takes considerable time

so that each article is completed.


I should be able to update it

while inspecting it every day.

■ Index

1、Fascinate to grow a lemon

①  Fascinate to grow a lemon in a house.

② I went to Shimanami Kaido!

2、The history of the lemon

・The first lemon

・A lemon came over to Japan.

3、About how to grow a lemon.

①  On the cultivation of the lemon.

・Area suitable for the cultivation

 of the lemon

・The tree bears fruit with one

・Time is necessary before it bears a

 fruit for the first time

② How to buy young plants, various kinds

・A stick seedling and large seedling

・When should we buy a seedling?

・How to choose good young plants

③ Soil, manure (effective microorganisms)

④ Watering

⑤ Do you plant a lemon in the garden?

  Or,is it a potted plant?

⑥ How to plant a lemon in the garden

⑦ How to set a lemon into a bowl

⑧ How to transplant a lemon into a bowl

⑨ Care for flower, bud

  (I work on pollination)

⑩ Cutting of the lemon

⑪ Grafted tree of the lemon

⑫ The pruning of the lemon

⑬ Cold measures

⑭ Lemon cultivation and insects

⑮ How to grow a lemon in the porch

5、Pest of the lemon

① Coccoidea

② Larva of the swallowtail butterfly

③ Citrus leafminer

④ Bell moth

⑤ Aphid

⑥ Spider Mite

⑦ Longhorn beetle

⑧ Thrips

6、Disease of the lemon

① Melanose

② Xanthomonas campestris pv. citri

③ Elsinoë fawc

④ Gray mold

⑤ Cercospora leaf mold

7、Diagnosis due to the symptom

① A leaf is yellow

② The spots of the leaf is yellow

③ A flower falls

  (a flower does not bloom)

④ A fruit falls

8、Work according to the month

9、Eating a lemon

10、Recipe using the lemon

1、Fascinate to grow a lemon

① Fascinate to grow a lemon

   in a house.

Almost persons reading this article

already have a purpose (charm)

to cultivate by yourself.

Because you'll already make a fruit tree,

vegetables or be going to make a lemon

from now on.

One of a fascinate to grow a lemon in a

house is what we can harvest it at the

most delicious time. The commercial

fruit and vegetables are harvested

before the most ripen fully.

This is because it takes time before it

reaches the consumers. The citrus

fruits become sweet with growth.

As for the lemon which ripened fully

with becoming the tree, both the taste

and the fragrance are totally another

thing. You can taste a genuine taste

at seasonal time.

Another fascinate to grow a lemon in a

house is what we can eat pesticide-free

fruit, vegetables.

In the case of an import lemon, we use

a preservative (mold materials or wax-

proof) not to be corrupt from the

foreign country to the transportation.

It does not have a problem that you

eat a lemon after removing peel of


However, I want to be concerned

with a pesticide-free lemon when I

think about a carcinogenic

teratogenic risk and seem to become.

The lemon in particular,

vitamin C is included in the peel of

lemon as same as in the fresh and fruit

juice of lemon.

When you thought about nourishment,

you should be able to eat the peel of

lemon, too.

I put a slice lemon in the tea. The lemon

to put in the tea has better lemon with

the peel.

As a matter of course, there is not only

the charm "eating" but also the charm

"appreciating". I only look at the flower

of the lemon sweetly, and a heart calms


In addition, citral and limonene are

included in a bag (oil gland) to collect

a fragrance ingredient called the

essential oil in to the rind of a fruit

of the lemon. So that; is unique;

smell refreshing.

This is included in the leaf of the

lemon. I cut a leaf, and I prune it,

and the fragrance of the lemon

sometimes spreads.

Why will I be going to grow a lemon? 

Because the reason consumes vitamin C

deliciously. This is because it drinks

the lemon mixed juice which squeezed

a lemon raw.

A lemon is one tree, and a fruit grows.

In addition, in the case of  other soft

fruit, it will be deceived by a pest and

bacteria, and it is difficult to grow.

However, a lemon is hard to be deceived

by a pest and can simplify the fruit

which I can eat, because the rind of a

fruit of the lemon is thick. How to grow

lemons cannot be difficult.  


 ② I went to Shimanami Kaido!

In July, 2017, I went to Shimanami Kaido

in two people with a wife.

From the Hiroshima side, I passed with

Mukaijima, Innoshima, Ikuchijima,

Omishima, Hakatajima, Oshima and

went to Imabari-shi, Ehime.

レモンの木の育て方 栽培方法

"Ikuchijima with Sedota-cho is 25km from

Imabari-shi, Ehime. It is the island of

approximately 8,700 population in the

center of Shimanami Kaido.

Because approximately 50% of the island

are suddenly slanted in Ikuchijima,

exposure to the sun is good. The amount

of production of the lemon is number one

in Japan."

"Approximately a quarter (28%) of the

domestic lemon is produced in Sedota-cho.

However, among lemons consumed in

Japan, the ratio that a domestic lemon is

consumed is less than 5%. Consumed most

lemons are from the United States.

This is because a price is low. The lemon

which a farming family of Sedota-cho

aimed at was the richness of the

fragrance and the lemon which I could

eat in peace.

The Sedota lemon holds down the

consumption of a pesticide and the

chemical fertilizer to less than 50%.

It is the lemon which I can eat

together with a zest."

I who had begun to grow a lemon had a

lot of various questions. I went to the

place of the best domestic amount of

production in Japan and wanted to learn

"how to grow lemons".

( In fact, I wanted to buy a seedling

most. ^^;)

I went to "the lemon valley" in Sedota-

cho. There are really a lemon, a lemon.

A lot of trees of lemon.

The person who wants to feel the world of

a lot of lemons, please drop in once!

レモンの木の育て方 栽培方法

レモンの木の育て方 栽培方法

2、The history of the lemon

虫眼鏡 The first lemonWhen and where did the lemon come from?

The place of origin of the lemon seems to

be the foothills of the Himalayas in


It is supposed that the lemon came out of

the mating of a shaddock and a lemonade,

but does not seem to understand the

original thing that a lemon has begun to

be cultivated clearly.

More than 1,400 years ago, Arabic people

of the Muslim liked lemons. They brought

in a lemon in the future to go and seemed

to go over to Spain and Sicily, the North


In the 15th century, the lemon came to be

cultivated flourishingly in Italy and


It will be "to have healed scurvy" to

have escalated the cultivation of the

lemon still more.

In about 1500, the scurvy is the disease

that took sailors at voyages of Vasco da


As for the sailor, gingiva of the top and

bottom swelled up. And they could eat

nothing and starved to death. They

suffered from hand pedialgia and

gingival swelling and died in sequence.

For the next 300 years, the scurvy

attacked sailors who went on a voyage

for a long term.

Vitamin C is indispensable for generation

of protein and the collagen included in

the connective tissue. Collagen is not

produced enough when we spend time

without eating raw fruit and vegetables

more than three months. As a result,

various symptoms such as the gingival

swelling are early and finally result

in death.

In 1582, Sailors who were deceived by

scurvy strike the shore of West Africa,

and they eat the lemon which grew


When they washed the mouth with the fruit

juice of the lemon, somebody recovered

from the symptom of the mouth.

Such example seemed to be persuasive

grounds that a lemon worked for scurvy.

After that, the senior service provides

with about 6 million liters of squeezes

of lemon in 19 years.

The squeeze of lemon was stored in a

barrel under the layer of the olive oil.

As a result, it is to have been able to

keep it without ascorbate most of the

fruit juice being lost.

As a matter of course, a sailor starting

scurvy disappears.

The loading the lemon onto the ship is a

chance to let the consumption of the

lemon increase, and the lemon farm will

enlarge in each place.

虫眼鏡 A lemon came over to Japan.

It is listed in "a history of Japanese

fruit chronological table" as follows.

"April, 1875, Saburo Takagi who was a

consul general introduced the seed and

saplings such as orange, a lemon, a

strawberry, the hop from the United


In addition, it is written with a

different book as follows.

It is the Meiji era after the foundation

of a country that a lemon was handed

down to Japan.

The lemon was mixed in many foreign-made

articles, too. When a foreigner came for

a hot spring cure in Atami of Shizuoka

in 1873, he sprinkled the species of the

lemon contained in dinner on the garden.

It does not know which story is right.

But, around the beginning of the Meiji

era, the lemon seemed to come to Japan.

It is written in the cultivation history

of "the Sedota lemon" as follows.

In 1928, I plant 300 trifoliate orange

young plants and perform bud grafting

of Lisbon Eureka Lemon.

In other words, I understand that the

lemon cultivation began after the Showa


3、About how to grow a lemon

①On the cultivation of the lemon

👉 Area suitable for the cultivation

       of the lemon

The lemon seems to like the land which

drainage has good and the area with

more than 15 degrees Celsius of mean


In Japan, there is a lemon-growing area

in the warm place of the south side from

Kanto area. The slant ground of the

mountains in the coastal area is a lemon

-growing main area. Because chills do

not collect, and drainage is good.

A Setouchi lemon farm writes it, too.

"Originally the area in Setouchi has

little precipitation, and it is a warm

area (mean temperature 15 degrees

Celsius). It is a characteristic that

there are many fine days.

The lemon in particular is vulnerable to

rain and wind. There are few typhoons,

and, in this area with a little quantity

of the wind, the outbreak of illness is

controlled as much as possible and is

the environment that is most suitable

for a lemon. As for the lemon growing

here, both the taste and the nourishment

are fully included in the depths of the


In particular, Sedota-cho is most

suitable for lemon cultivation.

This is because it wins a positive well

as about half of the island is an

immediate slant.

And the lemon is vulnerable to cold.

When temperature falls than -3 degrees

Celsius, a tree weakens and seems to have

possibilities to die. Therefore cold

protection measures are necessary in the

area tyle="font-size:16px;">becoming less than -3 degrees


👉 The tree bears fruit with one

The tree of lemon is pollinated and bears

a fruit only with one tree.

Therefore the pollination tree is not


👉 Time is necessary before it bears

       a fruit for the first time

The tree gives priority to bring up a

body of oneself, rather than leaving the

next generation (leaving fruit and a


In other words, if the growth of a branch

and a leaf of the tree becomes too much

popular, most of the nourishment are used

for the growth of a branch and the leaf ,

and not be used for a flower and fruit ,

and they are not accompanied by a flower

and a fruit.

In the case of a potted plant, It seem to

be said to be need for 3 through 5 years

before the fruit of the lemon grows for

the first time.

But, in the case of a planting in the

garden, it seems to be said that we are

necessary for 4 through 6 years.

The growth of the root is limited, and

this is because a branch and a leaf do

not grow big in the case of a potted


Therefore nourishment arrives to a flower

and fruit, and a potted plant seems to

bear a fruit early.

As for the particularly young tree, a

branch and a leaf grow well. If we cut a

branch or pull it aside, force to grow up

can be weakened.

There seems to be a method to let a lot

of flowers bloom by doing so.

However, it seem to be necessary for

around three years before a fruit grows

after planting the seedling of the lemon.

② How to buy young plants,

various kinds

👉 Stick seedling and large seedling

We can classify the young plant roughly

into "one stick stick seedling" and

"large seedling which branched off a


Stick seedling;

① A price is low          楽しい

② It is available for much

  how to make 楽しい

③ It is necessary for three years

  before a fruit grows at least  悲しい

Large seedling;

① A price is high     悲しい

② It is begun easily   楽しい

③ A fruit grows early 楽しい

<A large seedling is recommended in

potted plants>

For a potted young plant, a large

seedling is recommended than a stick



Because, it is just grew lemons with the

bowl which it purchased, and it is early

that a fruit grows for the first time.

When we choose the large seedling,

we choose the young plant which branches

off from a part near the plant foot

treatment if possible.

The space where fruit becomes increases

and can finish it compactly.

The tree of lemon which I planted in my

garden purchased a stick seedling in a

gardening shop.

And the potted lemon purchased a large

seedling on the Internet.

I understand each merit and demerit well.

It is up to the thought of the person

which seedling is good.

But I think that you should purchase the

seedling after knowing the seedling

passed how many years.

It seems to be difficult to harvest fruit

from a young seedling.

I think that there is the joy of "to just

grow the tree of lemon".

However, you should purchase the seedling

which passed for several years if your

first purpose is "to harvest the fruit of

the lemon".

Please think that you purchased the

period (time). Even if the price of large

seedling is high, you will think that

"it was good early to bear a fruit".

👉 When should we buy a seedling?

In both the gardening shop and the net

shop, the seedling of the lemon is sold


The seedling of the lemon is sold only at

this time, which means there will not be


But, in a case of planting a lemon,

① A climate is calm. ② About March is

good because the growth of the tree of

lemon is slow.

Therefore it is thought that you should

purchase it at that time. In addition,

September is also good becase a lot of

seedlings having a fruit are sold.

By the way, I purchased the young plant

(large seedling) of the lemon for the

potted plant on the Internet in the end

of July. (there were four fruits!)

I transplanted it into a one size big

bowl immediately.

I still grow well.

(of course,four fruits are fine!)

👉 How to choose good young plants

①There are many leaves. ②The green of

the leaf is deep. ③A branch is enriched

and thick.

It is said that the seedling are good to

buy. Even if a lot of flower and fruits

grow , it is temporary.

We want to just judge the purchase from

the viewpoint of ①~③ above. But we see

①~③ and can purchase it if we go to

the home centers for buying by oneself. 

However, we can't buy the seedling aftere

check ①~③ above if we buy it on the


On the other hand, the young plant of the

lemon is sold when we go to the gardening

but there are not many kinds (one

kind - two kinds) and does not sell a

lot. We can buy most kinds if we buy it

in a net shop.

The article of

Nursery tree of lemon The various kinds

is here!

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